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RealtyServer Systems Inc. provides Multi Listing Platform Software to Real Estate Boards internationally, currently providing service in 14 different countries. Our systems are run from the most elite and technologically advanced servers on the market. The company was formed in 1998, bringing decades of Real Estate and Software Development experience together to create an innovative solution to the Real Estate Industry. The involvement of the team in programming Software Solutions for the Industry from their earliest inception, to the mobile era; sets this company apart as a provider that is always on the leading edge.

RealtyServer was designed to optimize efficiency and simplify the technical environment that serves Multi Listing Platform Associations, Brokers and Sales Professionals. The INTERFACE and INTERFACEexpress Systems for REALTORS® allow users to search, list and manage listings within its easy to use structure. The Private Client Services product provides REALTORS® the advantage in client satisfaction and lead generation. Private Client Services (PCS) is a an exceptional tool which allows REALTORS® to give their clients access to real time data specific to their clients search criteria.



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What our customers are saying

"The most notable thing that I can say about RealtyServer Systems Inc. is that they are the most responsive organization I have encountered in many years. They are REALTORS® (or have been) and they are always looking for ways to make their product better."

“I have to say it again (I can't say it enough), the PCS™ is awesome!!! - I've been setting it up today. This has to be the best feature you have!!”


Guelph and District Real Estate Board
Board President


David Weber, REALTOR®