RealtyServer Products

INTERFACE™ is a fully distributed Windows® desktop client

The benefits of distributed systems are numerous, including the ability to fully access your MLS® System without an internet connection. Plus as a desktop client, INTERFACE™ provides ease of learning with its integration of typical Windows® functionality.

INTERFACExpress™ is a browser based MLS® system.

To use INTERFACExpress™ simply logon at with your user ID and password from any computer in the world.

PocketINTERFACE™ allows REALTORS® to access MLS® data from their smartphone.

Wireless PocketINTERFACE™ can be used from any smartphone capable of browsing the internet and includes these great features:

Private Client Services™ (PCS)

PCS is a prospecting tool that features automatic emailing of new listing matches. This unique product also allows REALTORS® to instantly create private webpages for their clients displaying property listings pertaining to specific search criteria. The REALTOR® enters in the search criteria and instantly the private webpage will be updated with real-time matches to those criteria.


PCSpro™ offers custom solutions for your personal web needs. Whether you have a web site, or are starting from scratch, this is your chance to integrate Private Client Services™ (PCS), attract new clients, and increase your income.

If you already have a personal web site, and you use Private Client Services™ Option One is for you.

By embedding PCSpro™ into your page you add a new level of interactivity. Visitors to your web site can access the MLS® System by creating their own PCS search after registering themselves with their contact information. By keeping in touch you will learn exactly what they are searching for and establish rapport.

Customize the look of your PCS pages and the impression of every automated notification delivered to your new clients. As they create new searches or review listings, you will be able to track their progress through the familiar clients tab and a new set of icons.

If you don’t have a personal web site, Option Two is for you.

The wizard will help you build a dynamic web site which updates in real-time. The site can also display your active listings and recent sales and integrate PCS with all of the Option One features and built-in branding. You can also update or add to your main, bio or links page yourself, from anywhere at any time.

So put on your business card, or if you already have a domain name it can be redirected to your new site. Either way there is no setup fee and all web hosting costs are included.

The third option in PCSpro™ facilitates the branding for the entire office of their Private Client Services™ (PCS) web sites.

This is an excellent way for members who are not interested in having a web site of their own to gain the advantages of a customized PCS look and feel. This option does not include the self managed PCS accounts or the client sign in scripts available in Option One and Option Two.